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Construction Document Templates Find the Largest range of construction document templates or forms here. Whether you are a house builder or a multi billion dollar Construction Company we have it all here for you.
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Construction Templates designed by Contractors for Contractors


We sell Construction document templates for the Construction Industry. The document forms and templates hosted here are preconfirgured (ready for use) for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF, complete with formulas and layouts. Our templates are designed and developed as a result of the demands created in the Construction Industry.

Construction by nature is a very demanding profession and having your paperwork and administration in place is always the biggest challenge. Whatever your needs be it pricing, setting up or running a new project the use of standardized templates and documents will safe you time and money. Our Templates provide the flexibility to be adapted and customized to your specific business scenarios, and has the robustness to return quality and accurate results. Utilizing these document Templates can not only empower business decision making abilities but also save considerable development time and resources.

With the continuing effect of the Global Economic pressures more demands are being placed on Contractors to reduce cost, increase productivity, maintain quality and safety, remove inefficiencies and deliver on time. Huge challenges are placed on controlling the administration and monitoring process from execution to delivery. Major contractors spend millions to manage this process in order to maintain its profitability. The need for these controls is becoming more and more necessary to succeed in Construction. With this in mind, we are now bringing these controls at a very affordable solution to you in the form of Construction Document Templates. These templates are designed and developed by Contractors for Contractors.

Whether you are a Main Contractor, Sub-contractor or even a Consultant, we have exactly what you need to standardise and enhance your current business.We are continuously developing new spreadsheet templates and forms to cover most of the Construction Industry demands. We don't offer complicated software, lenghtly application forms or buy-in trial periods. We simply give you what you want! Templates in Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF! And for less than a $1 a template you will not find a more affordable offer on the internet, guaranteed!!

The key to Construction success in the 21st century is to be a step ahead of your competitors in terms of Price, Quality, Delivery and Professionalism. Destroy the backyard builder stigma and BRAND your business professionally by being a step above the rest. With over 87,000 templates sold to date we continue to help Contractors daily to improve and enhance their business demands. Let our Templates give your business that competitive edge. The time is now to be one step ahead of your competitors!!

Do you know how to write a Formal Business Letter? Do you understand Business Letter Etiquette? Are you consistantly sending out the right message to the Market Place?. If not let us help you!! See our FREE guideline and reference template on this website now.

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Free Document Templates

Free Document Templates

Our FREE Templates offer consists of 16 mixed use Word, Excel and PDF document templates / forms. All templates are preconfigured ready for use. For fully functional customized, professional looking templates, please purchase any of our below listed packages on offer. The following templates are included in this free offer;

Word document Letter - template Excel Measure Sheet
Word document Fax - template Excel Variation pricing
Word document Document Filing list Excel Payment Certificate
Word document Post Tender Clarifications Excel Project Directory
Word document Safety Inspection Report Excel Snag Sheet
Word document Grievance Form Excel Basic Programme
PDF Quotation PDF Employee Appraisal
PDF Petty Cash Expense claim    

Click on any template for an image preview or alternatively Click on the FREE DOWNLOAD button to gain immediate access to all of the above listed templates. Simply DOWNLOAD, open the selected file, CUSTOMIZE to suit, save and PRINT!

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Template Package Options
Commercial Cost Control Templates

Commercial Management Templates is a comprehensive package of 55 tried and tested Commercial Management document templates. These document templates are specifically suited for the Commercial Cost Control aspects of your Construction Business.

The following templates amongst others are included; Cost vs Value Reporting, Variation Orders, Detailed Particular submissions, Contra Charges, Measurement sheets, Rate analysis, Rate build-ups, Change Management Schedule, Value Engineering schedules, Pre-award meeting minutes, Kick-off meeting minutes, Cost coding, Labour costing, Depreciation and residual values, Payment certificates, Progress Valuation Claims, Final accounts, Cashflow forecasts, Turnover forecasts, etc. To view all templates in this package click HERE! Preview the following 10 sample forms below.

Excel Agreed Value of Instruction Word document Payment Cycle
Excel Project Cashflow Forecast Excel Valuation Certificate
Word document Subcontractor Engagement Excel Value Engineering Schedule
Excel Labour Costing (type 2) Word document Variation Notice
Word document Commercial Meeting Minutes Excel Cost vs Value report

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Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

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Project Management Document Templates

Project Management Templates consists of 48 Construction Management document templates. These document templates are specifically suited for the Site Management aspects of a construction project namely planning, execution and hand over.

Our Project Management Templates address the needs of each phase of your project, across each discipline. These practical tools have been developed, tested and proven in project management ranging from small, personal projects to multi-billion dollar international projects. This comprehensive set of project management templates, forms, processes and checklists will save you time and effort when managing a project delivery. They also help you work smart, by giving you a head start. While each building activity is being constructed, a number of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the delivery the project. These processes include managing time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and communication.

The following templates amongst others will be included;

Daily progress reports, Monthly and Weekly progress reports, Subcontractor Performance Rating, Labour report, Submittal Forms, RFI Template, Plant utilization, Key Performance Indicators, Meeting minutes, Taking Over certificates, Handover certificates, Resource programmes, Staff organograms, Method Statements, staff and labour allocation registers, requisitions, Actual Site Records, RFI templates, etc. To view all templates in this package click HERE! Preview the following 10 sample forms below.

Excel Team (Project) organogram Word document Site Meeting Minutes
Excel Project performance report Excel Line of Balance program
Word document Monthly Progress report Excel Submittal Form
Excel RFI template Excel File Labels
Word document Site Establishment Risk Ass. Excel Daily Labour Report

Get instant access to this package offer for only $39.

Instant Access to 48 Premium Templates

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Contractual Management Document Templates

Contractual Management Templates mainly focusses on the contractual aspects of Construction. Without having to engage in costly legal fees, we offer you 48 cost effective document templates that will help you limit your contractual risks on and off site.

Subcontractor Agreements, Letters of Intent, Letters of acceptance, Joint Venture Agreements, Delay notifications, FIDIC Notices, Indemnity Declarations, Vesting Agreements, Taking Over Certificates, EOT Claims, Extention of Time calculations, Claims tracking schedules, Delay Event Chart, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Retention Bond, etc. To view all templates in this package click HERE! Preview the following 10 sample forms below.

Excel Delay Events Chart Word document Notice - Potential Delay
Excel EOT Prolongation calculation Word document Notice of Subcon default
Excel Delay Tracking Schedule Word document EOT Delay Claim - template
Excel Site Delay Record Word document Subcontractor Agreement
Excel Timeline of Events Word document Joint Venture Agreement

Get instant access to this package offer for only $39.

Instant Access to 48 Premium Templates

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Tendering Document Templates

Estimating / Tendering Templates consists of 40no tried and tested Estimating / Tendering document templates. These document templates are specifically suited for the Tender Management aspects. The following document templates amongst others are included;

Tender Enquiries, Pre-qualification submissions, Tender finalization, Subcontractor Tender adjudication Report, Procurement schedule, Preliminary & General Pricing, Sample Tender Qualifications, Post tender clarifications, Attendance schedule pricing, Commercial risk analysis, Tender summary reports, Tender feasibility, Simple Estimating template, etc.To view all templates in this package click HERE! Preview the following 10 sample forms below.

Excel Contract Risk Review Excel Tender Finalization
Excel House Estimator Word document Tender Enquiry letter
Excel Pricing of Preliminaries Word document Tender Adjudication Report
Excel Rate Build-up Sheets Word document Pre-qualification questionaire
Excel Simple Estimating sheet Excel Tender Return Report

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Instant Access to 40 Premium Templates

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Health & Safety Document Templates

The Health & Safety Templates is dedicated to Safety and the practice thereof on a Construction Project. With more and more strict application from govermening bodies insisting on a safety first safety at the work place and the people the importance of having good records and updated procedures have become paramount. This Package include amongst others the following document templates;

Safety Permits, Risk assessment, Method Statements, Safety Induction, Safety permits, Safety appointments, Accident reports, Safety Audit report, Safety Inspection, Inspection registers, Safety Agreements, Safety Notices, Safety Signs, Safety Training, Best practices manual, etc.

To view all templates in this package click HERE! Preview the following 10 sample forms below.

Excel Excavation Permit Excel MSDS Task Sheet
Excel Due Dilligence Report Word document Risk Assessment
Excel Emergency Care Manual Word document Project Safety Report
Excel Safety Audit Word document Accident Statistics
Excel Scaffold Inspection Excel Safety Pre-qualification

Get instant access to this package offer for only $39.

Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

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Health & Safety Document Templates

The Human Resource Template package is a comprehensive suite of HR related document templates. Standardize your company paperwork and processes with our proven templates. People are an organisation's biggest asset and therefore requires the utmost attention to details when it comes to managing this resource. Our Package includes amongst others the following document templates;

Employment Contracts, Internal Transfers, Job descriptions, Performance Reviews, Interview forms, Salary Structure, Employment offer requests, Salary deduction authorisation, Grievance forms, Disciplanary hearing, Disciplinary report, Employee records register, Leave request, Petrol Card requisition, Staff time sheets, Staff Grading structure, etc. To view all templates in this package click HERE!

Word document Employment offer request Word document Disciplinary form - enquiry
Word document Internal transfer (Labour) Word document Job descr. Gen foreman
Word document Interview forms Word document Sim card requisition
Excel Salary Structure Word document Petrol card requisition
Excel Staff timesheet Word document Performance reviews

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Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

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Quality Control Document Templates

The Quality Control Template package will help you control and manage the quality verification process on your Project. In order to obtain an ISO accreditiation a Contractor must have and manage an approved Quality Plan conforming to the guideline procedures.

  • Inspection forms / Reports
  • Checklists / pre-inspections
  • Method statements
  • Pre-handover report
  • Stop work notices
  • Daily weather report
  • Emergency defect request

These Quality Management templates include the quality control and quality assurance documents needed to perform effective project quality management. The Quality Management Process helps you to implement Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures. The Quality Review Forms will enable you to properly review the overall progress of your project. By following a checking procedures and registers, you will be able to monitor and control the current quality of your project specifications, thereby ensuring that they meet the quality targets set out in the Quality Plan.

To view all templates in this package click HERE!

Word document Checklist - Brickwork Word document Checklist - Concrete Slab
Word document Inspection form - MEP Word document Checklist - Post Concrete
Word document Daily Weather report Word document Pre-handover Report
Excel Emergency Defect Word document Pre-concrete inspection
Excel Asset Register Word document Method statement

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Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

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Safety Training Templates

The Safety Training Template package consists of 25 Critical Training sessions which includes hundreds of slides, covering occupational health and safety for the employer, the employee, and indeed everyone in the workplace. Increase your site safety awareness and culture by using our tried and tested powerpoint presentations. The templates available in this site are unique because it is designed to be easily understandable, compliant with Health and Safety legislation, adaptable to any project and it was also created with ease of implementation in mind.The templates are designed, formatted and fully configured in powerpoint and is slideshow ready;

  • Good Safety Practices Training
  • Fall protection Training
  • Inspection Protocols Training
  • Safety Equipment Training
  • OSHA Standards Training
  • Accident Investigations Training
  • Scaffold Training
  • Emergency Procedures Training
  • Material Handeling Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training
  • Hand & Power Tools Training

To view all templates in this package click HERE!

Powerpoint Cranes Powerpoint Hand Powered Tools
Powerpoint Electrical Safety Powerpoint Respiratory Protection
Powerpoint Fall Protection Powerpoint Eye Protection
Powerpoint Scaffold Training Powerpoint Personnel Platforms
Powerpoint Emergency Response Powerpoint Rigging Awareness

Get instant access to this package offer for only $39.

Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

  Download Safety Training Templates now!


PDF Templates

The PDF Template package converts daily used documents into PDF template forms. This is the most secure template platform due to its formula and layout protection within the Adobe PDF software environment.

Using these templates will allow the user to only enter information in the highlighted pre-configured fields. That way the document can be emailed, saved or printed in the most secure electronic format. This is best suited for relatively inexperienced computer users in your business. By printing these templates on your letterhead you will be able to use and produce 21 professional documents.

Get instant access to this package offer for only $9.


To view all templates in this package click HERE!

Instant Access to 53 Premium Templates

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Key Template Benefits


  • Save time & money by printing professional reports and documents in minutes.
  • Instant access to all templates with no extra software or computer upgrades required.
  • Customize your templates to suit your Construction business needs.
  • Re-use templates over and over again - no limitation.
  • Standardize and upgrade your business documentation fast and easy with our professional templates.
  • Manage Risks more effectively and with more control.
  • Instant Access to all templates, no membership fees, security codes or passwords.
  • All templates are pre-configured with formulas, ready for use.


Our Excel and Word templates are compatible with Microsoft Office (2000, XP, 2003 and 2007) and Adobe PDF software. Edit templates with your favourite Office suite. Most templates are formatted to the latest 2007 version. However, should you be using an older version of Office you will require to download the FREE Microsoft conversion tool to access these files.

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